May the Winds of Change Plant You or Carry You.

May brings some gusty winds and also a plethora of dandelions. You can't have one without the other and seemingly they go hand in hand. The winds scatter the seeds and before you know it, it seems like they have grown within hours.

The words that came to me this month, May the Winds of Change Plant You or Carry You, seem so perfect for this concept.

Sometimes we're in that planting season. We've been planted, we're forming roots and being established in some sort of permanency.

Yet there are also seasons of being carried. Allowing God to carry us through the unknown territories and trusting like the wind that scatters the seeds.

Both are good for us. Both provide so much growth and knowledge but it's important to recognize which one you are in. Are you being planted but wanting to be carried away? Or being carried; which feels like a lot like being dragged?

Whatever season the will of the Lord has you in, it is up to us to trust and allow our roots to dig into the soil, or spread our winds and float in His arms as we are being carried.

May this month be an exploratory month of discerning whether you are being planted or carried.