• Cultivate Beauty in the Every Day

    Cultivate beauty today
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Welcome to Cultivate by MNK

After establishing my candle business of 6 years, MNK Candle has been rebirthed to reflect the changes in my mission and my heart.

Our mission is to cultivate and create beauty in the every day. Whether that is simply lighting a candle, enjoying a fresh bouquet on the dining room table, or displaying my nature photographs, my mission is to share the little things and help you cultivate and create beauty in your every day as well.

At the end of the day I want to know that God has used me to "Cultivate Beauty in the Every Day", and somehow inspire someone else to do the same.

"Aspire to live a quiet life and work with your hands."

-1 Thessalonians 4:11

What Cultivating Beauty Every Day Means to Me...

Our Vision.

Our vision at Cultivate by MNK is to cultivate and create beauty in the every day. Lighting a simple candle can create a space of hospitality and joy and we want to share that with others.

We aim to cultivate community through our acts of service. We want every customer to feel like an important and valuable part of our business. Our goal is to create and foster a community of friends not just customers.